Epicurious Louisville

Louisville Kentucky is a treasure trove of amazing eats. I blog about them here. Y'all pull up a chair and sit awhile.

Heading to Forecastle this weekend? Here’s what you should be eating.

I’m…not going. I have a team of excellent writers going on behalf of the website, and I’ve got some much needed R&R planned that includes fried fish, Dairy Kastle, dancing my tail off at Seidenfaden’s and church. I might try make it next year as press for the experience. 

BUT! If you are going, here’s a handy-dandy food guide. I highly recommend you spend your dollars supporting local food trucks like Lil’ Cheezers and Holy Mole. Happy Forecastle-ing! 

Beautiful Louisville.

Copper & Kings is opening in Butchertown. Some fun facts:

  • It’s Kentucky’s only brandy distillery.
  • It’s “brandy for bourbon drinkers”.
  • They use something called “sonic aging” that pulses music into the barrels holding the brandy to better distribute the flavors. 
  • They’re making absinthe. 
  • Copper & Kings was chosen as a name because it sounds like a rock n’  roll brand. 
  • They have a fantastic space in front of the distillery with a conversation pit and a reflecting pool that will be used as a space for events, community involvement, and food trucks/pop up restaurants.
  • Their brandy is delicious and STRONG. 


Anonymous asked: Run away with me.

I’m married. But thanks? 

I present to you: deep fried Mac and cheese fritters from Hilltop Tavern.

Summer in Louisville: frozen yogurt from Dairy Kastle (with a hard butterscotch shell, so good I can’t even stand it) and this teeny little guy. 

Life is so beautiful sometimes I just don’t have words for it. 

Gorgeousness from my weekend bike ride in Southern Indiana. Big blue skies, long stretches of black top, sunshine on my shoulders. Who could ask for more? 

Louisville Magazine’s launch party is TONIGHT! Come out and see me, y’all! 

Louisville Magazine’s launch party is TONIGHT! Come out and see me, y’all!