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*Fans self wildly*

spooplangiesfilangies asked: Hey man don't feel bad about the Hammerheads piece... my partner and I went once and had a really bad experience there and we get judged all the time for not liking it/wanting to go back.

Aw thank you friend! It always sucks to criticize someplace that everyone else seems to love.

When this guy starts to look extra cross-eyed, you know you’ve had too much to drink. 

When this guy starts to look extra cross-eyed, you know you’ve had too much to drink. 

Anonymous asked: Sorry you're catching so much flack for that "waitress" bit. Personally I think "waiter/waitress" is much less offensive than "server."

Well, that’s a different take. I didn’t even think that server might be offensive! The more you know.

Anonymous asked: No one says waitress anymore, it's offensive. Does anyone call you lady blogger? Nope.

No but occasionally they do call me Madame Editor…and I sorta love that sooo…

Anonymous asked: hey, 1993 called. they want the word waitress back.

Right you are! I have corrected it. When I was waitressing (waitering?) I always referred to myself as a waitress so it guess I wasn’t aware there was something negative attached to gendered words in this case.

Frankly I do not personally ascribe to the notion that gendered words automatically degrade a person. But hey, I’ve been wrong before.

And I don’t like to step on toes when there’s no reason to do so!

Well, it happened. Hammerheads disappointed me. Please note, Hammerheads is my all-time favorite Louisville restaurant. I’ll never stop going, but I doubt after my last experience there I’ll ever get my family to go back.

In bullet points:

  • My family (I have five younger sisters) rarely eats out because it’s incredibly expensive. So when they decided to go out for a family dinner and asked me to pick the place, I was incredibly excited to choose Hammerheads. 
  • When we were seated, it was immediately obvious that the waiter had a MAJOR attitude about a large party. She literally rolled her eyes at us, took forever to get us water, acted annoyed any time anyone asked for anything. She was incredibly rude to my entire family, but particularly to me and my dad.
  • The orders came out LITERALLY 30 minutes apart from each other. Now I know the kitchen is usually swamped. That’s fine. But what’s inexcusable:
  • We ordered chicken and waffles. The chicken came out bloody, raw, and cool in the center. RAW. CHICKEN. The waffle too was super raw. One order of chicken and waffles just plain didn’t come out until actually an hour and fifteen minutes after we ordered it. The waiter told us “Oh, we only have one waffle iron.” 

Frankly, the waiter was rude, the chicken was raw, we waited an hour and a half for all our food to arrive. The place was super loud and dark, and I don’t think my family will ever let me choose the restaurant again. 

I’m probably going to get tons of hate for this, and I hate writing negatively about my favorite place. What bothers me most is probably the rudeness of our server. Like I know the place is popular, I know it’s gotten tons of attention, I know the food is the best in town (sometimes) but that’s not an excuse to treat your customers badly, or serve them raw chicken. 

Anonymous asked: Best collection of spots for "out-of-towner" bachelor party? Need a mix of local beer, bourbon tasting, large group dinner, afternoon drinking, late night dive bar, brunch/hangover spot(s). Thanks!

Wooo boy congrats! 

Local Beer: can’t beat BBC, but I’ve heard good things about Against the Grain’s local beers. 

Bourbon Tasting: depending on how serious the group is, you could try Down One Bourbon Bar (so many good bourbons!!!) or tour the Evan Williams Experience

Large Group Dinner: I’m obsessed with Monkey Wrench right now, which would probably also be a good place to start getting your drank on. Mussel & Burger Bar would probably also be a hit with the bachelors. As would Feast BBQ. 

Afternoon Drinking: Early evening drinking is probably best at Nach Bar or Holy Grale. GREAT beer selection, and in the case of Holy Grale, bar snacks. If you want to go swankier, 21C and St. Charles Exchange both have GREAT bars. 

Late Night Dive: Nach, The Back Door, Cahoots or Mag Bar if you’re really brave and adventurous. Meta if you’re feeling classy. 

Hangover Cure: Coffee from Quills or Sunergos, donuts from Nord’s Baker (bacon maple) and Ramsi’s brunch buffet. 

Hopefully this helps! Thanks for the question, let me know if you need further recommendations. 

Photos 1, 2 and 4 courtesy of BBC, Down One and Holy Grale’s Facebook pages.