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Review of The Hammerhead

I’m reviewing restaurants for louisville.com now (go visit me there!!!!), so it’s going to be a teensy bit hard for me to update here as well—after all, a girl only has so much money and so much time, and so many carbs allowed to her…and so on. So what I will be offering here is a rather expanded version of what I’ll review of Louisville.com, sort of a “here’s what you missed” version I suppose.

Anyhoo. Hammerheads.

Lauren and  I went to Hammerheads right before Wasted Wednesday, and she had raved and raved about it so I was hopeful that it would be delightful, delectable and so on. After all, what could go wrong with someplace that specializes in meat? I love meat. Meat is my best friend. As it turns out, a freaking lot could go wrong.

First of all, the place is tiny. TINY AND CRAMMED FULL OF HIPSTERS. I am not a fan of hipsters in any way shape or form, so they ironically tattooed hordes immediately annoyed me, and I was already starving because of the gorgeous meat smells assaulting my nose. Our waiter informed us, in a rather crabby way, that we would not be served for twenty minutes because they do not like to overwhelm the kitchen. Now that, in and of itself, is fine. I would rather have a good meal twenty minutes late than an awful one right away.

But after waiting twenty minutes, we were starving and our waiter was still rude. He took our orders brusquely, apologizing for how busy he was, and immediately took a smoke break. I know he took a smoke break because I witnessed him smoking right around the corner of the building as we languished with out diet cokes. After waiting another twenty minutes, and realizing that their diet coke is in fact served from the can after the waiter plunked one unceremoniously in front of me, the appetizer came right before the entree—as in, thirty seconds before. It was fried mushrooms with a sun dried tomatoe aioli, and I immediatly perked up. It was tangy and delicious and wonderful, and it gave me hope for the rest of the meal.

Lauren ordered a full rack of dry ribs, which turned out to be spicy and vinigar-y and quite good, if a bit plain without the house made barbecue sauce. She really loved the mac and cheese that accompanied it, but I found it a teense bland, if obviously homemade. I ordered a duck sandwich, and was displeased with it because of the lack of fatty taste duck ought to have and the general lack of flavor. I mostly hogged up all the mushrooms (sorry Lauren). Lauren got a beer after dinner, and I contemplated a bacon brownie, but decided against it. The bacon and chocolate combination is one I have yet to see done well, and I was out of hope for Hammerhead’s to really deliver.

In the end, I may at some point give The Hammerhead another shot, but it would be on a less busy hour, and I might only order the mushrooms. Bad service can truly ruin a meal for me.

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