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Review of Wild Ginger

I have one thing to say about Wild Ginger: SERIOUSLY?!

I’m trying to tamp down my utter rage at this expirience, but alas, it’s not happening so I’m going to spout off some hyperbolic silliness about Wild Ginger Sushi on Bardstown road, two doors down from Sapporo. It’s a relatively new asia fusion place, and it will probably be a relatively short lived place, since at eight o’clock on a Saturday night it was absolutely deathly quiet. 

I arrived with a party of seven and we proceeded to order a ton of sushi and some Korean spicy squid, along with the usual ginger salad and miso soup. It took our waitress twenty minutes to get us all water (is it really THAT hard to bring out the correct number of clean glasses?) and take our orders, and when the food came out it was piecemeal. I didn’t receive my order of spicy squid until the others had all their food for fifteen minutes. The squid itself was rubbery and tough, covered in inflamed red chili sauce so hot it was unpalatable—definitely not worth the wait, and really hard to gulp down and my friends finished their sushi.

The sushi was lackluster to say the least. I’m positive we could have recieved better sushi and better service in one of those chain groceries who have started providing prepackaged sushi with mealy rice and fake crab. There were a few standouts—the deep fried Highlander roll was filled with jalapenos and cream cheese, the 007 decorated festively with ripe green avocado and sprinkled with twinkling red roe. But the California roll and tuna roll were boring, and the special rolls were upwards of ten bucks a pop. Most of the sushi was soaked with thick, heavily sweet sauces, and one roll arrived wrapped in soggy cucumber like dead blistered skin, clammy and moist. 

We got our bill after thirty minutes of asking for it, and it was split up incorrectly, and had an eighteen percent gratuity tacked on because our party was larger than six people. In my opinion (and speaking as a former crappy waitress) there is absolutely no reason to add an 18% gratuity for tables with over six people—for heaven’s sake, there are more than six people in my family! There ought to be gratuity added if you have a screaming toddler, or if you come into the restaurant too drunk to see, or if you pinch your waitress in the bottom. But seven polite adults should not have their tip dictated to them at the bottom of their receipt, and they certainly should not be served by a waitress with a vacant expression, who could barely speak or understand English. I don’t want to be a jerk; I understand that some people cannot speak English, but for heaven’s sake, PUT THEM IN THE KITCHEN! If I have to repeat my request seven times for you to even understand the bare bones of what I’m saying, you do not belong in a waitressing position, I’m sorry. 

Wild Ginger was too tame, too expensive, and too ill-executed for a return visit. Skip Wild Ginger, the fare is too boring to make up for the lack of courtesy and atmosphere. 

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