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Review of The Silver Dollar

It’s like Teacup always says, “I only want a few things in life. I want a drink made quickly. I want hooks under my bar. ” The Silver Dollar has both of these things in abundance, plus a signature style I can only describe as Highfalutin Western.  My dearest friend and I visited the hot new eatery on a Friday night, and we waited fully an hour for our table. Usually this would make us too angry to function, much less like a place, but we loved The Silver Dollar. Set in a renovated firehouse on Frankfort avenue, this place is set to become the hottest in Louisville. 

We were fortunate enough to get seats at the bar, and we ordered drinks. HOLY MOLEY THOSE DRINKS. The cocktail I sampled, the Gold Rush, was TO DIE FOR. It was Old Fitzgerald bonded, Kentucky honey and muddled lemon, a silky, titillating treat that left me a bit light headed. Say what you will about an $8 cocktail, the portions are big and it’s well worth it. The Swingin’ Door was a raspberry delight, just sweet enough to tantalize and just strong enough to make the Christmas lights festooning the walls dance a bit. I’m no expert, but I know a good drink when I taste it. The bartenders were fast, friendly, helpful, absolutely top notch. 

We got so awfully hungry among the hustle and bustle of the rather crowded place we ordered our appetizers at the bar. The fried oysters smacked of the divine. I recently had fried oysters at Garage Bar (review to come—I’ve been a bit remiss in my duties recently) and the Silver Dollar oysters were completely different—little bites tossed in cornmeal, savory, salty, perfect bar food. We had empanadas as well, keeping in theme with the Western flavor of the restaurant. 

Once we were seated, among the howling hordes and the county music, we ordered. I got the slopper, a giant spicy cheeseburger (because  I am truly not that imaginative once I’ve had a few) and Teacup got the chicken and waffle, a recommendation from our mostly absent but really friendly waiter. 

The chicken and waffle was the stand out, perfectly fried chicken drizzled with maple over a thick half waffle. I’ve never had this truly southern dish, and I was very pleasantly surprised by both the texture and the combination of sweet and salty. Good down home cooking, and my hamburger was suitably spicy, though overdone a tad. The Silver Dollar also makes their own sauces, which were tasty.

On a crabby note, boy golly was it expensive. I would have to start selling a lot more than measly little freelance articles and plasma to dine at the Silver Dollar on a regular basis. The sides were extra, and the portions were not as giant as I felt they ought to have been for the prices. 

If you go (and you should go) save your money for cocktails and fried oysters. I hate to be that way about it, because the food was money, but seriously, I can’t afford seventeen bucks for fried chicken and waffles because of REASONS. No matter how much overtime I work, no matter how many coupons I clip for the boring food I eat in everyday life, I can’t justify it. We ended our meal with a very nice banana pudding, fresh out of the oven and blisteringly sweet.

The Silver Dollar has a strong start with a unique theme, great food, and rather high pricing. I can’t wait to visit this place again for a drink. I will visit, hopefully once the chaos has died down a bit, but I don’t know if I can wait that long for my next Gold Rush. 

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