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Louisville Kentucky is a treasure trove of amazing eats. I blog about them here. Y'all pull up a chair and sit awhile.


I seriously love this place so much I am going again tomorrow. I AM MAKING A RETURN VISIT. THIS IS HAPPENING. 

I know I’ve been less crabby than usual on my reviews, but I honestly have nothing bad to say about Cafe Beignet/The Fish house. Here is usually the part where I would tell you where it is, BUT YOU GUYS HAVE GOOGLE AND I AM TOO LAZY. It’s close you guys. Right next to Lynn’s Paradise Cafe but SO MUCH CHEAPER. It’s only open for breakfast weekend mornings, but boy is it worth a visit.

Seriously, when I ordered for me and Teacup (because newsflash: Teacup is my boyfriend now) and the whole meal came to eighteen bucks, I was all “SERIOUSLY?” and the girl at the counter (who was, by the way, in booty shorts, in January, but her butt was so nice it didn’t really matter. Who am I to judge, my pantyhose had a run in them the size of the freeway) said “YEAH WE DON’T OVERCHARGE LIKE LYNN’S.” I’ve said it before: Lynn’s is a little bit lax in the food department and wayyy awesome in the atmosphere. But I have to say, Cafe Beignet is my new favorite breakfast, possibly ever. 

Have you ever had a beignet? It’s like a doughut, but not. It’s crunchy and friend on the outside, sprinkled with powdered sugar and (in the case of the butterfinger beignet that was the special the day we went) chocolate syrup and crunched up candy bars. These things were so good I momentarily cheated on my diet to steal them from Teacup’s plate. Like I said before, Teacup is my boyfriend now so she will have to deal with me pretending to be on a diet while stealing all her food. 

The sausages (called piggies) were super fatty and wonderful. I was feeling rather sick from *ahem* staying up so late the night before feeding orphans. Those fatty sausages and the sugary pastries, not to mention the fired clams, egg in a basket, potato pancakes (with sour cream and apple sauce) and four beignets cured us of our Sunday morning blues pretty fast. 

ALSO: CHICKORY COFFEE. This stuff is serious deliciousness. I drank enough of it to give me a caffeine buzz that actually tickled my tummy—or maybe that was just the heartburn from four cups of chickory coffee. All the food was more fresh than Will Smith in the nineties. Do yourself a favor, when you wake up tomorrow morning aching all over from a long night of orphan feeding, take your charitable little butt to Cafe Beignet. Tell them epicurious Louisville sent you. (Just kidding, they will have no idea what that means. But seriously, go eat some pastry.)

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