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Hillbilly Tea: An Epic Poem Review

Oh Hillbilly Tea, you piquant place, you home of heavenly comfort dear

Teacup and I, with total grace, spent Valentine’s with you this year.

My man is gone, heroic feat! His blessed country to defend

Teacup was absolutely sweet to dine with me, her lonely friend.

Romantic candles flickered up, the staff was quick with kind response, 

The food came fast, we longed to sup, and soak up all the ambiance.

Smoked oysters fried to perfect gold, tea spicy warm and green

Sea bass so flaky I was sold, bubbly tea called “darling”

Green bowls of soup, asparagus, with mushrooms done just so

We must go back, we really must, our love begins to grow—

A fat prime rib, perfectly done, so succulent and dripping

A palate cleansing gelatin, the tea flavor was gripping.

Smoked chocolate pie, silky and dark, with petals strewn around

And chai whipped cream was set apart, no better sweet was found!

And sparkling chai! A revelation! Sharp and cool, it hits the spot

This poem sings with adulation for this lovely little spot:

Hillbilly Tea, you’ve won my heart, and I’m a tough one to impress

I hope we two shall never part, despite the fact my life’s a mess, 

A calm oasis; simple, bright, the waiters helpful, spry and limber

Your dinner made my heart take flight, a Valentine I shall remember.

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