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10 Reasons You Should Eat at Volare

So last week Teacup and I were invited to eat at Volare. I have to admit, we haven’t ever been to Volare, on Frankfort, because, we’re basically broke. What can I say, you don’t get this pretty for cheap. But (thankfully) Volare was throwing a Carnevale dinner (you can read my preview here) and invited me to sample the menu. While there, we had one of the swankiest dinners we’ve ever had, and I compiled this list of the 10 reason you should give Volare a try. 

10. Let’s get this part out of the way first: yes, it’s mucho expensive. BUT there is a menu of small bar bites, including these FABULOUS scallops topped with prosciutto and sitting in a pool of verdant sweet pea puree; and pizza, and half price bottles of wine.There’s a humming little bar area in the restaurant.

9. The chef is super cute. Stop looking at me like that. Sure, I’m an engaged woman, but there’s just something about a big masculine (and totally married) man who is handing me plate after plate of meticulously prepared food that makes my knees go weak. In all seriousness, Chef Josh Moore is SUPER passionate about this stuff, and it shows. My crush is purely epicurean.

8. Usually when I’m reviewing a place, and the staff knows I’m reviewing, I go to the bathroom and ask a few ladies how their service is (sneaky!). Then I watch the tables around me to see if anyone is sitting there irritated, if anyone is waiting at the door, anyone nervously checking their blood sugar. The service was impeccable and the staff was expansively friendly in true Italian fashion. As I stood at the hostess stand waiting for my coat, I heard no less than three different people compliment the hospitality. 

7. We had probably the best sausage I’ve ever put in my mouth (and yes, I said that at the table and then burst out laughing, because you know, I’m an adult.) with spare rib. That was from their special menu, but it set a great precedent for meaty goodness to come. 

6. The prime rib (also from the special menu) was…not the best I’ve ever had. It was good, but I would have liked it more raw, with the spices spread a little more evenly. That being said: it was HUGE. I couldn’t eat the whole thing, I ended up having it for lunch the next day and dinner the next night. For portion sizes, Volare gets an A+

5. The atmosphere, the service, the bottle of wine, the low lights, the candles, the giant wall o’ wine bottles: it was kind of like being in Lady and the Tramp or Casablanca. I could just feel myself melting into a puddle of emotional butter with the sheer romance of the place. If you want to reallllyyyy impress a girl, dudes, you should take her here and then softly gaze into her eyes as she stuffs her face with pasta. It will work for whatever your naughty intentions are. 

4. The desserts were basically modern art on a plate. I have never seen anyone do desserts as gorgeous as these. Both these desserts were delish, the Tiramisu in particular, something about those little pastry ladyfingers with that coffee and cream flavor is so arresting after a big salty meal.

3. WE ATE A SUGAR ROSE. SERIOUSLY. That rose I am holding in my genteel hand and clasping to my bosom? That is made of sugar. It came beside the tiramisu and stole the show. That crunchy little bit of glinting pink candy tasted like cotton candy, but more importantly it was beautiful and hand made. I TRULY love this technique. 

2. With dessert, we had raspberry liqueur infused, whipped cream topped coffee. It made poor little Teacup buzz like a wind up toy for the rest of the night, but it was thick and rich and fantastic. 

1. First and foremost: THE FREAKING PASTA. This is not that soggy, orange dusted, overcooked pile of mush your babysitter used to make. We got the GLORIOUS ravioli vodka—these tender plump pillows of homemade al dente pasta bursting with ricotta cheese and smothered in luscious orange vodka sauce. I am not, in general, a carb girl, so when I tell you I actually ate like half this pasta off of Teacup’s plate, you will know it’s something special. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE tasted pasta like this. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST TRY IT. This is the real deal.

Life is short. Go to Volare, eat the pasta. Eat the creamy dessert. Drink the wine. Have a sugar rose. 

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