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Time to Get Girly, Y’all: Sisters Tea Parlor

Teacup and I are girly girls. I can’t hide it. Sure, she goes to work wearing huge hiking boots, and sure, my favorite hobby involves a lawn mower and clipping shears, but at heart, we are pink and frilled and curled and fluffed. Teacup has more than one sparkly dress in her closet. I usually wear nothing except skirts and dresses to the office. 

So my baby sister works at the girly tea parlor in Buckner, Sisters. She invited me to a Southern Belle themed "Gone With the Breeze" tea; Teacup and I attended and watched the dressed up staff, and some very enthusiastic patrons perform a fun little drama. Sisters Tea Parlor is the essence of cute, the little shop in front sells teapots and teacups, the rooms in the back are meticulously decorated, there is a dress up room, and a photo op with Mr. Rhett Butler himself.

Sisters offers bottomless pots of tea, and you can switch flavors at any time. We began the night with a delicate almond cookie tea, and peach melba iced tea. After the first courses (really excellent wilted greens, and super creamy corn chowder) we switched to Paris in a Teacup, a brew that tasted heavily of creme brulee, and Moonlight Sonata, a chocolate cherry confection. We drank so much tea we about popped. 

We had chicken and waffle skewers with maple cream; the savory chicken and sweet waffles always a winning combination. The fried green tomatoes were somewhat less of a success, but the Creole remoulade they came with was lovely. The scones (garlic and peach with dill butter) were pillows of flavor. The best part of the meal came with the mint julep cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes topped with mint chocolate and whipped bourbon flavored icing, and the spiced pecans that came alongside the Mississippi Mud brownie. 

There’s usually a part in all my reviews that could be classified as brutally honest, so here it is: Sisters needs to be less expensive on the food front. The party trays for the Southern Belle dinner were $35 each, and while the nibbles were yummy and the food was delish, it’s not $35 dollars worth of crumpets. I gather their regular menu is slightly more cost effective, especially since you get a bottomless pot of tea with endless flavor switches for less than $5.00, but you get the point. Afforable is everything in this economy.

That being said, I would be willing to dish out the bucks to take my best girlfriend, or my little sister, or my mom to a place like this for a fun tea dinner. There’s not a lot of time, in our whirligig modern world, for women to act like little girls. There’s not a dress-up corner in my office, and brewing almond cookie tea isn’t on my to do list when I come home after a 9 hour shift, ready to crash. Sister’s is a genteel haven, and they have lots and lots of special events (check the website for a full list) including a Willie Wonka themed tea, a mother’s day tea, and an American Girl tea party. 

There is something beautiful about sitting down, pinkies out, sipping tea out of a gorgeous pot and chatting about nothing with another woman. There’s a reason I call my dearest friend in the world “Teacup;” because she is fragile, and frilly, and womanly in the extreme, used to the finer things in life and a bearer of comfort and caffeine. Tea with the Teacup was a great time, you should swing by Sisters and take a look-see! 

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