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The Four Pegs: A (Delish) Mixed Bag

This might be the only bar in the city where I would run into my in-laws’ pastor. I should explain. I am in fact a Christian (the non-awful, tolerant kind) and I do attend church on a regular basis. 


The Four Pegs is in Germantown/NuLu, and it’s been really hopping recently so I bundled up the friends and made a trip. It’s very nonformal and EXTREMELY inexpensive in the food department, with a few speciality beers and no other drinks (so bring a flask if you want to imbibe on something besides beer, just kidding about the flask, just go somewhere to drink after) The Four Pegs is billed as a “Beer Lounge” but it serves up some satisfactory cuisine.

At the Four Pegs, you seat yourself, and you order your food from the bartenders, who punch your order into an ipad and ignore you as they shimmy around with their glowy gadgets and whatnot. Our table’s orders came out piecemeal—a sandwich here, ten minutes later a burger, ten minutes later an order of fried green tomatoes. 

It was a good hour before all our food arrived, which made for some awkward situations because we were all STARVING TO DEATH but none of us wanted to eat while the other members of our party gazed at our food with hollow cheekbones and Oliver Twist eyes. The beer was delivered quickly and I’m told it was satisfactory, but the selection was somewhat generic for someplace that bills itself as a “beer lounge”. (*EDIT* WHICH I ONLY KNOW BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT TEACUP TOLD ME AND SHE’S THE ONE WHO LIKE BEER. It’s true, I do not like beer. It’s just so…yeasty. Like drinking different flavors of rotten bread, that’s why I need Teacup to drink it and tell me about it. I can’t help it! I just like liquor! Leave me alone!)

The beer glazed burger was absolutely amazing, but it was not cooked to order (mistake #1 of restaurants that serve hamburgers, give me rare or give me death.) I loved the cheddar, bacon and fried green tomato on top. The chicken and waffle sandwich was UNBELIEVABLE. Sweet, tender fried chicken between two fat waffles drizzled with a maple sauce. My only gripe is I could have used a little cup of the sauce to dunk the sandwich.

A quintet of fried green tomatoes were crunchy crisp and seasoned with spicy sauce, and the beer cheese came with a mini baguette of pretzel bread. The beer cheese was very strong and combined very well with the mild pretzel bread; it was also relatively chunky which I found pleasant. 

The fish and chips were crunchy and VERY well cooked, even up to Teacup’s very high standard. The bacon chicken quesadilla was substantial and yummy, however the four dollar creme brulee was tiny and not really worth the four bucks. It was lacking in texture, and the eggs used to make it were really not fresh (or it was a mix, not really sure, Cupcake is the best cook I know and she assured me that this creme brulee was NOT up to Sweet Brier standard). But to be fair, I am super picky about creme brulee. It was definitely the best bar food I’ve ever had—and for a bar to even serve creme brulee is pretty fabulous.

Now The Four Pegs claimed they were slammed, but we waited an hour for our food, and our appetizers came out after one entree and with the second entree. The food was fabulous—absolutely delicious and fresh, BUT I do not like to wait at a bar to order food, I do not like to seat myself if there is not an indication I should do so (a sign? a friendly wave from a bartender?), and I do not like to wait an hour for my food. In summary: COOK MY BURGER TO ORDER. COOK YOUR FOOD IN ORDER. BE A LITTLE MORE PROFESSIONAL. DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT LONGER THAN HALF AN HOUR FOR BAR FOOD.


BUT ALL THAT BEING SAID: I had a good time. This is a good place for a relaxed meal with friends, and it would be a particularly good place to go for an informal nibble at a good price. Mine and Teacup’s entire meal (two entrees, two appetisers, a glass of beer and a dessert) came out for forty dollars WITH tip, and there was enough food there to feed four people. I will definitely give this place another shot.

*edit* although considering their comments on Twitter, I’m like 80% positive they won’t let me through the door ever ever again.*

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