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$20 Dollar Date Night: DISH ON MARKET

I just did my budget, and something’s got to change. I am spending way, way, WAY too much money on food. Do I have it? Yes. Should I be saving it? Also: YES. This $20.00 date night thing needs to go into practice for me as well, not just all of you that are broke and in LOOOVEEEE. This week’s $20 date idea is DISH ON MARKET. At Dish, they have this magnificent little deal for $10—a burger, fries (I think you can substitute on of the other sides on their menu for the fries, I got a fabulous side salad with avocado on it. YUM) and freakin BOURBON for $10. The burgers at Dish are fanfreakingtastic. I had a honey bourbon barbecue burger with cheddar, cooked super rare and succulent. There is also Market Street Burger with Harvarti Cheese, red pepper jelly, tobacco onions, bourbon barbecue drizzle, and the fixins’, not to mention a spiced black bean burger for all you veggie lovers out there!

I say this super lovingly—Dish is cheap. Their food, I mean, the food at the bakery, the happy hour, the breakfast a brunch and dinner—all cheap. I have no idea how they sell it so cheap, honestly, so I would go soon if I were you before they realize how bad we’re screwing them. The location is gorgeous, you can even sit outside. Downtown eats for Dixie Highway prices, if you know what I mean. Comfort food. Waffles. Cream cake. Pie. Burgers. Mac and cheese. Fried chicken. ALCOHOL. ALL FOR SUPER CHEAP! It doesn’t get better than this folks! Check it out!

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