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Wild Donut Wednesday: by Ellen

When it comes to the best donuts in town, being the unofficial donut queen of Louisville, I’ve heard of them all. But the one name that keeps ringing in my ears time after time is Nord’s; nestled within a block of the hipster hotspot, Zanzabar, Nord’s is a simple building: all windows and baked goods. If you are planning on sitting down with your donut of choice, I suggest that you have a spot in mind because there are few seats for you in the shop, just delicious dough.

It was our first ever visit and we stopped by around 1 o’clock, so the choices were much fewer than what would have been present during the morning rush. My mother and I decided on the maple bacon donut and the toasted coconut donut; a total of $1.65. Add a few dollars for the tip and a few more for the necessary skim milk and we were set. Or so we thought. We were easily convinced to take six more donuts with us. An original glazed, chocolate glazed, peanut chocolate, caramel glazed, powdered, a chocolate custard filled, and some delightful sarcasm followed us out the door. It may be shocking, but that is far too many donuts, even for me. So the plan quickly turned into “share our treats with others.”

Before satisfying our mutual sweet-tooth, we had an amazing lunch at El Mundo: what I would call a local Mexican fusion spot in Clifton. They have the best (and the strongest) margaritas in town, and that’s just the house option. You can choice different margaritas during dinner hours; I’d recommend anything blood orange.

My mother chose one of the specials, a grilled fish taco, which was light and flavorful. We were especially intrigued by the accompanied sauce, what we decided was a creamy chipotle. I picked my favorite entrée, the Chili Relleno, a stuffed poblano lightly smothered (an oxymoron, I know) in cheese and sour cream. Customers can choice from several filling options, like black bean or bison, but I stuck with chicken. The number of green chilies made my heart flutter. Overall, the poblano entrée is warm and filling with a sultry addition of creaminess. Two entrees and 1 margarita totaled $23.

While at El Mundo, we offered donuts to the workers. A man we refer to as Will the dishwasher quickly accepted and selected the powdered donut. He scarfed it down. I heard something about it being delicious between puffs of powder. Lesson learned; don’t talk to Will while he’s eating.

The next donut was devoured by my father, who somehow located the bag without me noticing. His response: “Very good.” A man of few words. Afterwards, my parents and I (very politely) split the peanut donut. I found myself wishing that some salt had been involved in the treat, but the sweet peanuts booth melted in my mouth and retained there peanut-y flavor. All of the donuts are dense, staying true to their doughy name.

The toasted coconut donut was no different. I found it to be far too sweet and lacking in the coconut department. Then there was the maple bacon donut.

To quote my mother “I didn’t know what it was going to taste like, but there is something about it that just works really, really well.” If you have ever had bacon jam, you might be prepared for the intense combination of sugar, grease, and pork that surges through your taste buds. First, all you taste is the sweetness, then you pick up the distinct maple, but the best is last. The bacon is the star. It isn’t overpowering, but in some magical realm of perfectness. I’m not a fan of bacon in everything, but in this instance, I wholly appreciate it.

El Mundo and Nord’s are great places to go for delicious local cuisine. For the quality you receive, the prices are moderate and unbeatable, respectively. You have to check them out.

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