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Epicurious Louisville On Vacation: Nashville’s Pancake Pantry

Last summer around this time, Nathen and I went to Memphis to see my Grandpa, and on the way home we stopped in Nashville for breakfast at The Pancake Pantry. Now, the Pancake Pantry gets a great deal of attention (Taylor Swift is reportedly a fan, I bet $10 she’s been broken up with there) and I’m here to tell you: worth it. Usually there is a line to get into the door, and service has a reputation for being slow and brusque, but the prices are dirt cheap, and the pancakes are unparalleled. 

The sweet potato pancakes were the best. I love it when sweet potatoes are incorporated into dessert (pudding!) or breakfast items (pancakes! waffles! biscuits!) and especially fries. Sweet potatoes are so gentle and fluffy, they’re like the great-grandmother of the carbohydrate world, mild mannered and quirky. In the pancakes, with cinnamon cream syrup—so worth breaking my diet for. 

We tried the swedish pancakes with lingonberry preserves, three egg-y crepes with butter. It was a really different flavor combination, lingonberry is a teense on the bittersweet side, but combined with the thin velvety crepes it was another winner. The Village Smithy COLO Santa Fe Cornmeal pancakes were much more savory, stuffed with green peppers, bacon and cheese, topped with sour cream and picante. 

Honestly, I can’t wait to visit The Pancake Pantry again. I know that this blog is centered around Louisville and the amazing eats here, but Nashville is really close and I so often hear about Louisvillians taking weekends there, or driving through there to get somewhere else, I figured I’d recommend! 

Stay hungry!

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