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My Favorite Date: Jungle Jim’s

Cinci is not too far away for a day trip. And one of my favorite things to do around Cinci is Jungle Jim’s International Market. It’s an amazing, fun, food-centric date that’s really worth the drive. 

Jungle Jim’s is HUGE. It’s like 200,00 square feet of grocery store with two locations. They have lots of events and whatnot, but since we drive up there rarely we go for a day of finding and trying weird foods. They have all the international stuff it can be hard to get in everyday shopping, weird fresh fruits and veggies, an amazing bakery, you name it. Jungle Jim’s also has animatronics, demonstrations, regular groceries for cheap…TONS O STUFF. 

Some things we’ve gotten there that we’ve loved:

1. Weird fruits like starfruit, dragon fruit, uglifruit and prickly pear (more on this later!)

2. Diet chocolate soda, carbonated cocoa milk tea.

3. So many good kinds of cheese for reasonable prices: wasabi cheddar, bacon maple cheese, smoked gouda, a double cream brie I still dream about, a buffala mozarella that was creamy and perfect, a million different kinds of blue cheese.

4. Olives from all over in the olive bar, along with other marinated treats

5. Chicory Stout and Midas Touch from Dogfishhead Brewery, which happens to be my fiance’s favorite beer

6. Ginko nuts, totally gross, do not get them!

7. Coconut milk, creamy and low carb and great for making low carb ice cream!

You really have to go to this place to believe it. GREAT date! 

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