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Louisville Kentucky is a treasure trove of amazing eats. I blog about them here. Y'all pull up a chair and sit awhile.

Please and Thank you might might by my favorite coffee shop in town. I know them’s fighting words, but I can’t help it. P&TY is just so simple and enjoyable to Visit. Located in the ultra trendy NuLu, they sell records and homemade sweets and the best iced tea I’ve ever had. 

I’ve tried a great deal of their menu, but the chocolate ganache and the ice tea remain my favorite drinks. They have a new creation on their called the “Maple Leaf” that has maple syrup in it and tastes cold and hot at the same time, like being mad at someone you’re really, really attracted to. Or wanting someone you absolutely can’t have, which is a very familiar emotion for me. 

Above is their jalapeno cheddar scone, which was spicy and seasonable, their chocolate chip cookies are widely recognized as the best in Louisville, their granola is house made and studded with chunks of dried fruit and nuts. During the summer they have the best salad in the whole wide world. 

P&TY is good because it’s so simple. Small menu, friendly staff, great food, great coffee and tea, great music and records and locations. Give it a shot, please and thank you.

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