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Review Of Shiraz Mediterranean Grill

Let me just say, it takes a lot to feed the Bunny.

I should probably explain first: Bunny is my boyfriend, a big 210 pound ball of muscle and crinkly happy eyes. The man eats more than a small country and our restaurant bills usually match that amount. So when I say we left Shiraz absolutely satisfied, it’s really saying something great about the service and the food we received. Not only does Bunny require a lot of food, he also requires lots of different tastes to keep his little taste buds happy. Shiraz Mediterranean Grill really delivered with top notch service and zingy food that left us satisfied, if not overstuffed.

Shiraz Mediterranean Grill has several locations all over the Louisville area, but we opted to visit the one on Frankfort Avenue, a brightly colored café style place where we could watch our food being prepared.  The menu was chalked on brightly colored chalk boards and we picked out two Shrimp Ceviches, a Beef Kabob, and an appetizer sampler. As far as cost goes, we got out pretty well, a little over thirty dollars, but I’m sure if you wanted you could probably eat very well there for about ten bucks. Like I said, it takes a lot to feed the bunny.

Our server was this delightful man named Ashcon, whose torso is conveniently located in the picture below of the dessert, since I felt weird and creepy taking a picture of his face. I do not hesitate to say that Ashcon was actually the friendliest and most helpful restaurant worker I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He told us about every item we asked about, and took a great amount of time explaining the business, telling us about the recipes used to make our food, which came out very quickly. Ashcon was also absolutely gorgeous, just so you know and walked us out to our car with an umbrella after our meal—a totally nice man.

And boy, was the food delightful. The shrimp ceviche had a delicious tangy dressing on it, lemon and grapefruit flavors redolent through the super crisp greens. The shrimp was cold and obviously fresh, and the beef kebob smelled wonderfully spicy and came on a bed of warm bread that was to die for. The appetizer sampler we got included some very good hummus, some quinoa, tabbouleh and best of all an eggplant concoction that was simply melt-in-your-mouth good.  Finally Bunny ordered dessert, a Baclava, which is basically layers of puff pastry with chopped up walnuts, nutmeg and honey in the middle. It was the perfect end to a really great meal. I whole heartedly recommend Shiraz.  Four point five out of five stars.

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