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Louisville Kentucky is a treasure trove of amazing eats. I blog about them here. Y'all pull up a chair and sit awhile.

My family went to the Jackknife cafe for our yearly Christmas Eve luncheon. I have a HUGE family, so we tried almost everything on the menu. Here are a few favorites:

The breakfast for dinner salad was great, but would have been better with two eggs. The Spring Berry salad, with spring lettuce, blueberries, strawberries, pecans, candied ginger, goat cheese mounts and fig basalmic vinaigrette was by far the most popular of the two; fresh and springy, even in the dead of winter. 

The two favorite sandwich offerings were the prosciutto and goat cheese with fig spread, and the jackknifed smoked salmon with benedictine and capers. Both sandwiches were moist with great flavor pairings. The chicken and honey sandwich sounded SO good but it was so dry. 

They had a large selection of desserts (including French macarons, followers who always ask that question!) but we preferred to get chocolates at the cellar door, right down the hall in the Butchertown Market, where Jackknife is located.

It’s a perfect first date spot: clean,  bright, gorgeously decorated, medium-priced, in a building with lots of other conversation-starting businesses. 

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