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Louisville Kentucky is a treasure trove of amazing eats. I blog about them here. Y'all pull up a chair and sit awhile.

Zahav in Philly: Israeli Food with a Modern Twist 

We were fortunate enough to make it to Zahav in Philly during their version of restaurant week, so we got all this food (plus dessert!) for like $75. The first thing I loved about the place was the complimentary picked veggies, the hummus and all the different hummus add-ons. Fresh and incredibly tasteful, I NEED a restaurant in Louisville to copy this. 

Standouts for me were the persimmon salad, the duck, the lamb sausage and the cauliflower. I could write for hours about the beautiful meal we had, but this blog is centered on Louisville, so I’ll just say I wish we had a local restaurant that was doing something similar. 

It was the best service I’ve ever had, and the second best meal I’ve ever had outside of Louisville. 

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