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Review of Sunergos Coffee

Sunergos Coffee in Louisville Kentucky is the best coffee in the entire universe.

But Elizabeth! You might say, thinking of your favorite brew, your home roasted beans, your hand ground espresso, your perfectly foamed latte from down the street. But Elizabeth! You haven’t tasted all the coffee in the world? How can you know that Sunergos is the best?

It’s simple, really. I haven’t dated all the men in the world, but I would stick with Nathen if the Old Spice Guy himself came a knockin’. I haven’t tasted all the chocolate chip cookies in the world,  but I know my mother makes the best. I haven’t been to all the sushi restaurants in the world, but I know Oishii is the best. It’s a special combination of true excellence and emotional attachment that is shared by many coffee addicts when talking about their favorite coffee house or their favorite drink.

Sunergos Coffee is on Preston, (there’s also one on Woodlawn) and it is in fact a micro roastery and espresso bar (http://www.sunergoscoffee.com/). The inside is an eclectic mishmash of tables and chairs and couches that sag, squashy armchairs and interesting lamps. There is a shelf of magazines, a shelf of plants next to the window, a chess set, and a window into their own micro roastery. The walls are covered with art from local artists, which changes as the art is taken down or sold. There is fee Wi-fi, which proved a lifesaver when studying for finals. The selection of drinks is not super broad, but really you don’t need broad at Sunergos. The staff is to a t, friendly, warm and helpful. I have been to Sunergos probably a hundred times (it was down the street from my college, don’t judge) with most of my friends and family.

I’m going to be really honest and confess that black coffee doesn’t really do much for me. With the exception of Ethiopian coffee, which is so floral it’s almost like tea, I take my coffee with huge quantities of splenda and cream. Sunergos, for me, is all about the Chai, and the Black and Whites. 

My family buys the coffee beans from Sunergos to grind and brew at home in a french press (and sometimes in a traditional machine) and it’s the best in town. Their coffee is extremely strong, and widely varies from blend to blend. I highly recommend their Sunergos blend, actually, it’s a nice mix of acidic and nutty flavor. But the black and white, a combination of a white chocolate and a dark chocolate mocha, is really the cream of the crop. It’s really a dessert more than a drink, especially if you get it frozen and blended, with the consistency of a frosty. It is melt in your mouth good, a combination of a frappacino and cake icing and ice cream and coffee all at once—smooth and sweet and fragrant and satisfying.You can also get the black and white hot, in a big white mug with steam roiling from the top. Glorious.

The Chai is delicate and foamy, a better every day drink than the black and white. It tastes vaguely spicy but not too strong—it’s really the perfectly scalded milk that makes it roll off the tongue with just the right amount of zing. The coffee at Sunergos is priced comparably to Starbucks, and tastes much better. If Starbucks is like a hamburger, Sunergos is a prime rib. The barristas also do latte art, and I will spare you the multitudinous pictures I have taken of my lattes and the swirls and leaves and hearts on top. I will simply say this: Sunergos is something you have to expirience for yourself. Go alone or with a good friend, sit down, read a magazine or a good book, and talk with the old guy in the corner with long fingernails and a white ponytail (Gabe) who is constantly typing away at his old computer. Soak up the coffee. Soak up the atmosphere. Soak up the blessed, blessed caffeine.

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