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Review of Wild Eggs

I’ve been on a low carb diet for a long. freakin. time.

Since March, in fact. This low sugar, high protein diet means that, on a daily basis, I consume A LOT of eggs, which is the reason that as far as restaurants go, I wasn’t super eager to try Wild Eggs. But, Bunny too is on a diet (the Superhero Diet, no less) and he wanted a high protein brunch so we headed to Wild Eggs and I’m really glad we did.

Wild Eggs is a fresh and invigorating place that injects new life into old hat breakfast foods. The menu is diverse for a place that centers on the breakfast crowd, included such delectable creations as Banana’s Foster Waffles with banana rum caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, cinnamon and bananas fresh; and Clementine’s creamsicle crepes with sweetened cream cheese and orange marmalade and toasted macadamia nuts. But why not have eggs at a place called Wild Eggs? I ordered the creole omelet, with rock shrimp, sausage, with bell peppers, cheddar jack cheese and hollandaise sauce.

I have never had shrimp inside an omelet before, and it really finished well with the warm fluffy eggs and the heavy cream sauce. I ended up not being able to finish the giant omelet, much less the everything muffin and the grits, which I pawned off on the bunny, who was pretty absorbed in his wild mushroom and roasted garlic scramble. The muffin, though, was particularly good. So many muffins are sticky sweet these days, more like a icing-less cupcake than a muffin, and I think a good muffin is a cross between a cupcake, a biscuit, and a dinner roll.

The service was good, though I’ve heard weekend mornings are a booger so I would go a little earlier. There are three locations in Louisville, and they have a fully stocked bar and an array of sandwiches and salads including an egg salad sandwich that looks amazing. It really says something for wild eggs that they managed to turn my frown (because of so many eggs) upside down with their delicious food and their fresh, energetic atmosphere. I suggest Wild Eggs for a girl’s brunch, it’s just trendy enough but you get enough bang for your buck. It was, dare I say it, EGGCELLENT.

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