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Review of The Twig and Leaf

I am a cheeseburger connoisseur. No, really, I am. 

I may have mentioned before that I’m doing the Atkins diet because I’ve been a chubby thing my whole life but I’m dying to run a mini marathon in November and that, for me, means being able to run more than three miles without my poor little knees giving out under the heft of my giant butt. A staple of my diet has been cheesburgers (minus the bread). I’ve had cheeseburgers at Ramsi’s (bison burger) Lynn’s Paradise Cafe (pimento cheese burger) Huey’s in Mempis (super rare with pepper jack) the Georgetown Drive-in (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE FOOD), deer burgers with my dad (Venison does not translate well to cheeseburger) and pretty much every fast food establishment in and around the Louisville area.

Which is why you should take it seriously when I tell you that THIS IS THE BEST CHEEEBURGER YOU WILL EVER PUT IN YOUR FACE. EVER. The Twig and Leaf is a long established greasy spoon type of diner on Bardstown Road.

When I say greasy, I mean greasy, it feels like a fifties diner and it doesn’t look like it’s been renovated since the fifties, or probably deep cleaned since at least the sixties. But sometimes you have to do gross things for good food (I had an entire relationship one penniless summer for partially food related reasons) Go to the Twig and Leaf. Order the Twig and Leaf burger (which is a double stack cheeseburger) and prepare yourself for heaven.

I went to the Twig and Leaf for lunch with my best friend Brett (aka Zucci) and he had the smaller Twig Cheeseburger, a single patty which he liked, but look at him, the boy needs more food than that.

The hamburger part was thick and juicy, neither charred on the outside nor cold on the inside. The texture of the toasted bun combined with the slick of mayo and crunch of lettuce and tomato with that gorgeous and fatty beef, plus two slices of deliciously overworked cheddar cheese—it was perfect. It was the perfect cheeseburger, and I was wretchedly hungry before I ate it and completely satisfied afterward.

There are lots of other diner-type foods on the menu, nothing that looks explosively interesting or wort forgoing the BEST CHEESEBURGER IN THE WORLD for, honestly. The prices were really good, I think I got away with ten dollars for a giant cheeseburger and a diet coke, and Zucci got away with even less than that. We went on a weekday and for a good while we were the only ones in the diner, so I don’t gather that even on weekends it’s particularly crowded.  I highly recommend the Twig and Leaf after a long day or after a long night of partying, especially as sustenance after an evening of imbibing.

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